Baby It’s Cold Outside || Pezberry

Fumbling with the small present, Santana couldn’t help the shiver that ran down her spine as she waited for Rachel outside Breadstix. They didn’t have anything planned for the day - it was all pretty much spur of the moment, but she honestly didn’t care what the two of them would do. She felt bad, not spending any real time with Rachel since Halloween, and she hoped her gift would at least make up for it. Inside the small box rested a necklace; diamonds adorning the chain before connecting at the bottom - a pink tear-shaped diamond hanging from the bottom on the chain. She was sure everyone and their mother were giving her something with gold stars on it, so she wanted to be different… even though they were Rachel’s favorite she would at least try and stand out a bit from everyone else. Hopefully.

Santana glanced out, the coat Blake got for her wrapped firmly around her frame and the necklace Seamus got for her was on proud display around her neck. Underneath she wore the secret Santa sweater she received  along with some leggings and a pair of knee-high black boots her parents got for her. Yeah, she liked her new wardrobe… her friends certainly had good taste to say the least. It was basically a waiting game now, the warmth of the restaurant making her even more cold then she was before. Checking her watch a few times, Santana just waited as a few flakes of snow started to fall around her. Oh just peachy. 

(ooc: I suck at describing things so here is a picture of the necklace) 

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